Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Famous Xdressers

You'd be suprised how many famous people have crossdressed.
Here's the list:

Of course we had to start with possibly the most famous crossdresser ever
Bugs Bunny!

It's no secret that Dennis Rodman (basketball player) likes to get in touch with his feminine side

Remeber that dude from Spiderman? or you may know him from the movie Pineapple Express.
James Franco and also Anne Hathaway has a little fun CDing too

Hey look it's Ms. Pac-Man
Not Pac-Woman but Ms. Pac-Man

Katie Price made claims her cage fighter ex Alex Reid crossdressed and went by the name of Roxanne

Alex Reid's not the only fighter on the list.
Boxer Oscar De La Hoya seems to have a thing for fencenets & heels

Youtube celeb Jessica Who

Jim Carrey shows his 'independence' on July 04 strolling down Malibu beach in his GF's bikini

Believe it or not this is Jude Law

You sure those earings are big enough? Didn't Evel Knievel jump through 1 of those on fire?
Brad Pitt

I had no idea this was John Travolta =O

Patrick Swayze looking all purty

SEAL dressed as the 'first woman' Eve
hehe he has an Eve's Apple =P

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