Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How To NOT Crossdress

OK, my pictures are not perfect and sometimes my make up is a little off
but here are a few pictures of How To NOT Crossdress

Hair under stockings is a big no no,
if you can take the time to do your nails then you can take the time to shave those nasty hairs!
(and get a bit of make-up on! and a wig, even if its a hallowe'n one! =P)

This picture kinda confuses me a bit. At first i thought it was Willy Wonka showing of a lil secret but then i realised that this guy is very indecissive. You can't be both the pimp & the prostitute!!!
(at least he shaved his legs though)

Why did you have to ruin Chun Li for me? ='(
I'm sorry but the japanese can only get away with cosplay IMHO

wow...... i'm not saying anything.
if you can't see whats wrong with this then maybe CDing is not for you


  1. Oh my I agree not the way to go about it for sure.

    1. definately not lol i hope i look better then these XD

    2. You always look better than those people, you are probably one of the best looking crossdressers on the net

    3. Thank you Kryssy x =) i try my best x