Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Ultimate Crossdresser's Guide Part I

The Ultimate Guide To Crossdressing Part I

CD's all over the world are completely different.
As I've stated in other posts people crossdress for many different reasons.
For all the CD's out there who treat this as more of a lifestyle then just a sexual thing then this post if aimed at you.


Whether it be a cheap halloween costume wig or a high end human hair wig nothing is going to look as authentic as your own real hair, so consider growing it out.


I have never owned a wig, and i never will (i have no need to). But for whatever reason you don't want to grow your hair longer then I'd suggest investing in a high end & better quality wig.


Looks like things have taken a turn for the better when it comes to brows.
Very few men are blessed with a great shaped non bushy brow lol But for quite some time now women have also been sporting the "I don't give a pluck" look and it doesn't make them any less attractive.

Not too thin, not too thick...... Just right

For guys who have a unibrow/monobrow KILL IT!
Get those tweezers out & get plucking!

For most men I would suggest plucking a bit just to try & neat it up but you perfectionists out there be warned! You could end up with no hair left at all.

Not so confident in the in the plucking area? Then here are more options for you:
  • Ask wife/parter to give you a hand. If they know & accept your CD side then this will help  alot. If they are unaware then still ask them to help, just say you want them tidied up a bit & a little less bushy.

  • Salon! Don't let this scare you, you'd be suprised how many men get their brows plucked now. Do as i said above, ask for a tidy up, not too thin & not too thick. At the end of the day the people who work in a salon are there to provide a service & even if you said "I'm a CD i want girly eyebrows please!" I'm pretty certain they wouldn't be phased by it.
Facial Hair
Let's face it, facial her is one of the main issues when it comes to crossdressing.
We can shave & shave & shave but let's be realisitc, that shadow is not going anywhere (unless you go for 'special hair removal')
Waxing is a big no no! trust me i've been there. The skin is too sensitive and the hair is stubborn.
I'm not sure if there are any creams for facial hair (I would assume there are products, don't use any removal that is not suited for the face).
Let's have a look at the 'speical hair removal' i mentioned.
Laser & Electrolysis
As with everything they both have pros & cons (laser seeming to have much more cons).
Laser only truly works on lighter skinned people with dark hair, the laser affects the pigment of the hair. So that means it pretty much useless on people with lighter hair and of darker skin.
Electrolysis works with everyone, no matter what skin tone or hair colour BUT it can discolour the area being treated. Both have flaws but you can easily find out more if you are interested (laser & electrolysis are not for me).

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