Sunday, 6 May 2012

Work Work Work

Hi all!
sorry there hasn't been much going on in a while but here's a lil news update
On the 20th of this month in my city there's going to be a charity drag race.
(It's in Cardiff and starts by the peace temple and finshes at Whitchurch hospital)

A shame that i won't a part of it =( for various reasons.
1. It starts at 10 am (you guys & gurls don't know about my sleeping difficulties)
2. it's a 4 mile run, which isn't that bad but i have the worst stamina in the world, stupid smokes lol

OK, there's that.
I'm actually working on alot of new things at the moment, i'm not going to say what they are becuase well its only just starting so all my focus & creativity is going into that.

As for me i'm doing great, never felt better, a lil =\ becuase not much is going up on this blog. So i guess i'm taking a break to work on my other projects but don't fear, the blog will continue to bloom and i will post up now and again to let you know how i'm doing, any Xdressing expiriences, the new things i'm working on =P

I hope you're all good in yourselves, be who you are, be happy as a crossdresser, realise that its a blessing not a curse =)
I love you all and thank you so much for taking the time to come here and i hope that i've helped in some way xxx

Princess Andria x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

O Princess, Princess, Wherefore Art Thou Princess?

The title maybe misleading i'm not playing Juliet in a play lol
Hiya! =P
feels like quite some time since i've put up a proper post (sowwy =( )

So where has the Princess been?

Lately i've been on a bit of a game rush lol
with my birthday not long passed i went a bit nuts hehe

So lets take a look at Mass Effect 3 which my oldest brother bought me a month before my birthday.
Wow this game just throws you right into it. The reapers are invading Earth and it's up to you, Commander Shepherd to destroy them before they eliminate all organic life throughout the galaxy!
I loved this game so much as soon as i finished a played trhough it a 2nd time.

Next up, my other brother got me Halo CE 10th Anniversary

An original xbox game & by far the best 1 in the Halo series.
For those of you who got into Halo on the 3rd game YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS!
It plays exactly like the original but with the graphics done up, it's a must play for any FPS or Halo fan.

For those of you who have an Xbox 360 & not really fussed by the idea of playing online atleast consider getting a silver account. This will allow you to trial 1000s of games & alow you to buy add-ons & DLC, and the main reason to get silver account...... Indie Games


1 of the many games you can buy only on the Xbox Live game market.
I payed 1200 microsoft points for this lil beauty (roughly about £10)
A very brutal & gory game but o so fun =P
As far as i'm aware it's not long been released on the Xbox market so try it out!

Before i go onto the next game i just want to talk about the whole microsoft points.
As i said above i paid 1200 MS. For you old school  gamers i know you guys/gurls would love the Indie games section. Most of them are 80 MS each!
A real bargain for alot of the things you can pick up.

OK next game:

NBA Jam On Fire

I'm sure Snes fans will remember NBA Jam, a fun over-the-top game.
Well it's back & just as fun as the original, if not better.
Don't need to say much about this really, it's an arcade NBA game, 2 on 2, online play, you & 3 friends =P etc
I like to play as the Boston Celtics!

cost: 1200MS

Last but not least:
I'm sure some of you remember pokemon right?
Well it's still pretty big in Japan & there are like 1000s of those lil pokemon dudes.

Pokemon Platinum

I love the pokemon games from the gameboy all the way up to the NDS. but why?

They are alot like old school RPGs & you raise cute lil animals lol
Great game & spent over 24 hours playing it so far =P
It's addictive lol

So there you go, the Princess has been addicted to gaming lately (also i have been trying to sort out important things but they're boring) =)

cya soon my lovelys!

Andria x