Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crossdressing: The Pros & Cons!

To some crossdressing is a way for people to relax, for others it can be sexual.
Whether it's a lifestyle to you, sexual or both, I'm pretty sure we've all had to deal with this:

  • We are more in tune with females then most men
  • We are more understanding to womens problems then most men
  • We can offer great girly advice from time to time
  • We are open minded and rarely we judge
  • We truly appreciate women in all ways (not saying that non crossdressing men don't but it's the whole girly thing lol)

  • We deal with alot of guilt & shame dealing with societys views
  • Learning makeup is more of a challenge then most realise
  • Becuase we like to dress up to most we are automatically seen as gay -_-
  • ^ Connected to that we want to be happy...... with a woman...... these women who accept & would want to be with a crossdresser are like diamonds
  • God damn it takes so long to get ready, arms, legs, arm pits, the forbidden area shaved, painting toe nails & fingers, make-up, hair ARGH!!! no wonder it takes women so long to get ready (this is kind of a pro & con because in the end it is SO WORTH IT!)


  1. Thanks for posting very true words..