Saturday, 3 March 2012

Advice For Girlfriends & Wives of Crossdressers

This post is mostly aimed at women who've just found out about their partner and probably have alot of questions so i hope i can clear things up for you. (To be honest though the best thing you can do is sit down and have a good open talk with your boyfriend/husband).

There are so many pros being with a crossdresser:

CDs both adore and respect women (we try to be like you!). We are loyal and no man will treat you more like a Queen.

You won't have a man complaining about going shopping with you, he will enjoy it, you both will and that alone can make you both become closer in the relationship.

As a child I'm sure you played with dolls, dressing them up etc Well now you have a lifesize doll, you can dress him, give him makeovers. Again this is something that you can both enjoy and have fun with.

Teach him how to apply his own makeup and how to paint his nails. Now he we be able to pamper you doing your makup and painting your nails. This isn't a one sided thing, it's something you can both share with eachother.

He's still the same person as he ever was, this dosn't change anything. He's still the same guy you fell in love with in the first place. Just becuase he likes to wear lingerie does not mean he dosn't like seeing you wear it, and it dosnt mean that suddenly you're the dude in the relationship.

Every man has a feminine side just as every woman has a masculine side. If he hasn't told you he's gay then he's not (most CDs are heterosexual). He won't want to become a woman if he's a CD (so no hormones or surgery etc). If he's a TS though that might be a different story.

I do hope this has helped and if there is anything i havn't covered please feel free ot email me at

As i said at the top just sit down and have a chat with your man, I'm sure he will be happy to answer any questions that's bothering you. Be open minded and keep in mind what you've read within this post =)

Might even be a good idea to pick up this book and read about people who are married and live with CDs

Andria x

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