Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hi Again =)

How I've missed this blog.
I apologize for the sudden stop in this blog. I know many of you have found great help from reading what i've put up. So it's time to clear things up.

Why did you vanish?
I've been going through alot of personal things lately, not going into too much detail but it's just had an effect on me. I haven't been dressing up much so i haven't really been Princess Andria. Also i came to realize that i have achieved mostly what i wanted from this blog, and that was for those new to Xdressing and GFs of Xdressers to gain more understanding.

Will you return again?
 I would love to come back doing this on a regular basis, there's nothing i love more then being a big girly sissy and sharing my experiences with you. At the moment it's a no, again I'm sorry but!
contact me, if you just want to talk or have any questions either add me on-


or email me at:

But please DON'T use that comment thing where you can directly contact me as it comes to me anonymous and so many of you have sent me such sweet kind messages and i hate that i can't reply and i don't know who you are.

Thank you all for reading this blog and i love each and everyone of you...... not in a creepy way...... well maybe just a lil lol

but please feel free to add me and i will be checking my email daily aswell