Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nail Polish!

I Love Nail Polish!
What girl dosn't huh? =P

One of my favourite brands is Miss Sporty
  • Gorgeous Colours
  • Very Quick To Dry
  • Affordable

I'm currently wearing the sparkly pink =P
(All 4 of these belong to Rachie Roo)

What's your favourtie brand of nail polish?

Top 5 Countries (March 2012)

Uh Oh =O
Looks like Turkey has been overtaken
Australia is only slightly ahead of Russia

5. Russia

4. Australia

3. Canada

2. UK

1. US

Review: Nair Face & Eyebrow Wax Roll-On

Just some information:
  • This review is strictly for men. Womens facial hair is completely different so this review won't be much use for you girls sorry
  • I know it's stated in the title but this is wax not removal cream
  • Cheese burgers taste amazing! That being said they do not remove facial hair in anyway =P
Nair Face & Eyebrow Wax Roll-On

High up on every crossdressers list of issues is facial hair removal.
Sure you can pick up some disposable razors and replace your hair with a blood beard or pay a little extra for, and i emphasize here- A Womans Razor (Venus FTW) which will leave you feeling smooth yet with a 5 O'clock shadow - bleh. So you ask: "How do i get rid of my facial hair without the unwanted 'shadow' & blood then Andria?". My reply to you...... I have no @%$!ing idea! lol

The only hair i managed to remove with this product was the hair i pulled out out of sheer frustration. I'm just going to to be blunt...... this product sucks for us girly guys, it get 0 out 5 Crowns, so don't bother wasting your money.

Wait...... That's Its?!?!

B.O.T.B. 6: Music Battle!!!

2 Different Genres, 2 Different Styles
Nicole VS. Lacey (Lead singer of Flyleaf)

Let The Battle Begin!!!


Friday, 30 March 2012

Guess Who's Back & Has Some New Make-Up To Play With? =P

Hiya! I'm Back!!!
Dropped girlfriend off at train station earlier which was sad =(
But this is a happy post =P

Look at all the new toys i get to play with

4 Foundations:
MUA, Avon, L'Oreal & MaxFactor

8 Mascaras:
MUA, Eyeko, L'Oreal, Some Asian 1 lol, Estee Lauder, IsaDora, Barry M &W7

Eye Stuff =P:
Body Shop Eyeshadows, Misc Eyeshadow Base & N.Y.C. Loose Eye Powser Kit

Last But Not Least:
Bourjois Paris Blush

Some of these are for keeps, others just to try out =D
Looks like i'm going to be a busy girl with all these hehe x

I hope you've all missed me cuz i've missed you =(
Oh and before i forget, my girlfriend gave me a shave earlier after getting me some new razor heads for my venus and i gotta say:

A baby's bottom feels like sand paper compared to my face =P

Look out for more updates soon my lovely's!!!

Andria x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sneak In While She's Sleeping

HI! shhh must be quiet =P
lol the title of this post sounds so wrong
Thought i'd get a lil post on here while my queen sleeps. It's only been like 2 days and i'm missing this blog lol

Hope your week has been going good so far and hopefully by the weekend i should have some new photos up. They're 'theme' outfits so i'm hoping they will turn out good =P
Anyways we're planning on going fishing tomorrow which is the 1st time for me suprise suprise =P so im going to try and persuade my girl to do my makeup & photos in exchange for a lapdance lmao

 Also i have a few new make up bits from my girlfriends sweet friend. She gave 2 new foundations which i will be posting up some pictures and my thoughts on them. Also my girl got me some new eyeshadows to play with so i can't wait to try 'em out & get pretty!!!

Hope you're all missing me cuz i miss you =(
catch ya'll soon!!!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Farewell All

Don't worry! I'm only gone for a week =P
Havn't seen my girl in over a month so must spend some quality time with my lady hehe x
Sorry there won't be a Let It Out for tomorrow but i'll make up for it by telling you of my weeks adventures  =D
Love you all and thank you for taking the time to look at my blog x
See ya'll in a week x

Princess Andria x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

B.O.T.B. 5: Chicks With Guns

2 Hardcore Girls
Zoey (Left 4 Dead) VS. Lara (Tomb Raider)
Let The Battle Begin!!!

Princess Andria + Fishnets???

I don't wear fishnet tights very often
These are actually a limited edition pair:

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Photo News!!!

Lots & lots of new photos of the Princess will be posted up soon =D
The photos will consist of themed outfits such as school girl & fairy & gothic, lingerie shoots and new outfits =D
A few photos should be up by the weekend but most of them will be done next week so i hope you're all excited and looking forward to it, i know i am!!!

Andria x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Review: Mini Lip Glosses 17

Mini Lip Glosses
Various Colours

OMG so cute lil lip glosses! These adorable little glosses come in an 8 pack and they are about 4 cm (hence their uber cuteness!). As you can see from the picture they have some gorgeous colours my faves being the pink & the red. Soft and shiny on the lips making it so everybody wants to kiss you! Not bad for £6 from Boots.

Pros & Cons

Being so small these are more poratble then your normal sized glosses. This is a double egded sword though, if not properly put away they're so easy to lose (notice how there's only 7 glosses in the picture).
A huge plus is that just 1 of these lip glosses seems to take forever to run out, I've had them for quite some time mostly using the red but it never seems to end =P

Not my favourite out my lip gloss collection but they are definately unique compared to all the others

All in all i give this product:
4 out of 5 Crowns

=( Princess )=

Hi all x
My appologies for the lack of material on the blog lately.
I havn't really been feeling myself the last few days not sure why.
I thank you all though for coming here and i hope that i've helped you with my posts =)
I will get a few things up this week so feel free to stop by x
I ate too many skittles hehe =P x

Princess Andria x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Let It Out: Silly Silly Girl

Princess is sooo forgetful!
I didn't have a 'Let It Out' post ready i totally forgot :O
So instead I'm going to do a 1 about me! lol

I really am that forgetful, sometimes my mind is going on with so much other things get pushed out -_- I've been trying to do more pictures recently as i'm sure you've all seen and i hope you all like them =D
I've also been messing with concealers to try and hide that dark shade after shaving and lucky for me my girlfriend has picked up some for me to play around with =P

Speaking of shaving i was going to be writing a post on how to to get the most cleanest & closest shave...... lets just say it didn't quite go as well i thought it would. I followed some advice online where this dude who was saying about shaving being a lost art blah blah blah. Anywho i followed his advice about how to prepare for & how to get the closest shave, o believe me i got the closest shave i could by shaving my skin off.
Using a double ended razor (these things are deadly, would be safer using a mchete!). So unless i can grasp the method of a perfecrt close, clean & bloodless shave then i won't be posting about this, why give advice about something that i can't get right? i dont want you guys to mutilate your faces too lol

I do have some secret posts in the making which i'm sure you're all dying to knwo what they're about =P but you'll just have to wait and see!

Apart from that not a whole lot going on. My girlfriend is coming down next week so there probably won't be posts during that week but they will be some after, photo shoots, things we go up too, maybe random piccies so make sure you all stay tuned!

Things learn't from this post: Andria is very forgetfull and had a fight with her razor in which she lost :(

Thanks for reading! Love u all!


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

You Carried Us For 9 Months
Kept Us Close Before & After Birth
For Every Loving & Caring Mother Across The World
This Is YOUR Day