Saturday, 7 April 2012

A History On Crossdressing II

From East To West Crossdressing Has Been A World Wide Thing

Certain tribes of Native Americans for example.
The Berdache or now known as Two-Spirit (the name is self explanitory, one who posesses both male & female spirits). The Two-Spirit were usually a special group of men who wore the garments of women, they also engaged in women's activities.

Two-Spirit Weaving

Dahomey (Africa) 
To appease malign spirits Sakpota Dancers would crossdress.

Several Theatres also include crossdressing.
In classical Greek & Roman Theatre all parts were played by men.
This is also the same with the Japanese Kabuki Theatre.

Kabuki Theatre

Charles d'Eon/Madame Lia de Beaumont

In the late 18th Century a french spy named Charles d'Eon was sent to 2 courts (1 in Russia, the other in England) as a woman under the name Madame Lia de Beaumont. He was so convincing as both male & female people would speculate on his original gender.

Charles d'Eon/Madame Lia de Beaumont

I guess if it wasn't for Charles we would't have the word 'eonism' (synonym for transvestism) and The Beaumont Society (British organization for heterosexual transvestites) would've been named something else & not in his honour.

Going back to how convincing Charles was after death his body was examined in great detail.

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