Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Every Saturday - Battle of The Babes

Hiya ladies and gentleman. Last night I posted up a battle between Jessica Rabbit & Betty Boop just for the fun of it but it got me thinking of a little idea. From now on every saturday there will be a battle posted up between 2 women, they will always be there for people to comment on and it will range from cartoon characters to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Requests for battles can be made too either by just posting your ideas in the comment box on the latest battle or by emailing me at:

So let the Battle of The Babes begin!!!

B.O.T.B. 1: Jessica Rabbit VS. Betty Boop

Both 2D & Sexy
Let The Battle Begin!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ways To Tell Her

Every crossdresser dreams of finding a woman who accepts him/her and wants to play dressup.
Whether it be a be a friend, girlfriend or your wife here are a few tips and ways to get it started =P

It's a fact women love guys that can make them giggle so humor is the key!!!
You know these adverts you see now and again where the guy is dressed like a woman (bounty kitchen roll for example) well, make some kind of comment or joke about it to your girlfriend or wife and test their reaction (I'm sure you can think of something).
If she dosn't really say anything more then likely she dosn't like it. But if she laughs and make comments there's your starting point =P
The great thing about doing this is theres no risk of completely freaking her out. If it dosn't go according to plan it was just a joke at the end of the day =)

Here's another one:
Say if she's getting changed either getting ready for work, or changing out of work clothes take 1 of her bras and put it on (Waynes World 2, there's a clip like this). More then likely she will be giggling if you do a silly lil dance with it =P but who knows, she might get you to put on more ;)

Why Feel Shame? Be Proud Of Who YOU Are!

As a crossdresser we experience 2 main emotions "en femme". Complete happiness, which then afterwards is followed by guilt or shame. YOU must fight these negative emotions!
1 way that might help is how you view things. Such as the thoughts that fill your pretty heads once you've changed into what I assume you'd call "normal" clothes. (We will come back to this shortly)

First off, societys' views: "What would people think if they knew I was like this?". Does this question sound familiar? Let's face it society has always been judgemental to anything "different" and even to this day things that are more accepted are still frowned upon (such as the gay community). The fact is regardless of who you are and what you do people will judge. There's a huge pro to all this though, if society was super accepting of CDs well it wouldn't be the same would it?, we wouldn't be as unique and "different" as we are, and me personally I prefer it like that =]

Right, back to this whole "normal" clothes thing (grrrr i hate normal lol). Let's just say it there's no such thing as "normal" and clothes well, are clothes =) Seperation of the 2 is another thing that dosn't help with the negative thoughts. The thing is we only live once (well according to some, I believe in reincarnation lol) so embrace it to the fullest! Why get down over something that makes YOU happy? Be yourself and be proud dammit! =P

For a long time I tried to deny this side of me and even hated myself for it, but for nearly a year now i have embraced it to the fullest everyday and I have not looked back. YOU should do the same =] enjoy it and be happy!

Andria x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Mystery Case...

I wonder what's inside that mystery Betty Boop case =O hehe x Time to find out!


Dainty Doll


Chit Chat

The Body Shop


Misc Unbranded Eyeshadow

My Favourites:
No7, Rimmel, Beverly Hills Polo Club & Tomorrows Girl



Victoria Jackson
(Lips, Eyeshadow & Blush)


George, Barry M, Miss Sporty & Unbranded

Liquid (Glitter):
La Senza, Collection 2000 Purple & Blue, The Body Shop



Lip Gloss

17, Maxfactor, Avon, No7, Rimmel

Misc items I forgot =S lol
Eyeshadow, Body Shimmer and ummm...something else lol


Misc Brushes

My uber cute MAC Hello Kitty Kabuki Brush =P 

I do have a few more make up bits but these are all in my bag ready to go =P My amazing girlfriend spoils me and has bought most of this make up for me. I'm a very lucky girl x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

pantyhose/tights or stockings/hold-ups?

This is an ongoing battle, so my question is: What do you wear? pantyhose/tights or stockings/hold-ups?

For me the winner will always be pantyhose/tights. The 1st fem thing i ever wore and since a young age always had a fascination for them.

 Who's on my side? =P lol x

Forget Pandroras Box, Wait Until You See Andrias =P

Soon you will get to see the magic in this pretty Betty Boop Case :O what could it be?!?!?!? hehe x

This made me giggle =P

Friday, 24 February 2012

Disney Princess

So....who's your favourite princess? (I mean the Disney Princesses not me =P)

Snow White FTW x and 2nd to her Belle

Photos of me so far x

May as well put up a few pictures of me x

Me! Andria!

Hiya, I'm Andria (duh =P) and I've been a CD since the age 12 - 13. This is kind of a random blog but im hoping it will go well. I will be talking about,! and what goes onin my pretty girly life lol From clothes to make up to photos to well pretty much anything i can think of. This site is welcome for all to see CDs, TS, Straights, Gays, Inbetweens =P, Men, Women you get the drift =] x So welcome and enjoy x

Andria x