Monday, 12 March 2012

Advice: Taking Those 1st Steps Outside...... 'En Femme'

This is possibly 1 of the hardest things for a crssdresser to do.

Why Do It Alone?

OK now i realise there are 1000s of CDs out there who've not yet told their wife or live alone, but this doesn't mean you are alone. So if you're wife dosn't know, find another CD to try and expirience this with, it's scary as it is but if you're with someone else it eases everything so much more. Obviously if you're wife or girlfriend do know then do this with them =)

My Expirience

Through all my years crossdressing not once did i ever have the desire to go out fully dressed. When i met my girlfriend this changed over time. We stay in a hotel from time to time and we've gotten to know most of the staff there. Anyways my GF would bring up the idea of taking me down to the lobby in the night fully dressed. At 1st i said i would like to but i was scared, I'd feel like i'm on display etc After a about a month or 2 i told her i want to do it.

She spent a few hours doing my makeup and putting my outfit together for my debut =P After everything was ready the hardest part came...... now i just need to walk out the door.
I gathered up my nerves & took a deep breath. With my GF holding the door open i put 1 foot infront of the other almost like a model on a catwalk =P

I was shocked at the reaction I had when i approached the main desk in the hotel lobby, the 3 members of staff (2 guys & 1 girl who overtime I had gotten to know) were so friendly and very professional. As it was quite late in the night there weren't too many people around. Me, my GF and 2 of the staff went out for  cigarette, the woman being shocked at how well i walked in heels. My GF gave me her jacket becuase i was cold (she was a perfect gentleman =P).

As time went on people came and went from the hotel and for her amusement my GF made me open the doors for people coming in. Again i was shocked at how poepl reacted, a group of guys didn't know where to look when i came face to face with them, and quite a few girls were looking alot too (probably jealous of my gorgeous long legs lol).

How I Felt After & Advice

The attention i was getting at first was scary but as time went on I started to enjoy it =D
We were down in the lobby for a few hours and the woman even took a picture of me on her phone.
Even though it wasn't super public and jsut down to the hotel lobby it was a huge step for me and gave a me a taste of what it's like to actually be infront of others en femme.

So I'd advise for you to do the same, stay in a hotel for a few nights either with your wife/girlfriend. Or find a fellow CD to share this amazing expirience with. The happiness that fills you after is so overwhelming giving your confidence a huge boost and believe me you will not regret it.
If after this you want to take it further i would suggest looking for a TG/CD bar in your city and get a taxi there =)

This is what I've been looking into doing next so if this does happen i will be sure to post up my expirience.
I hope this helps x

Andria x


  1. nice blog, thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this story Princess Andria :)