Saturday, 18 August 2012

I Was Born To Crossdress

Not trying to toot my horn but...... =P

I've been complimented on various parts of my body by women, some of them who've even been jealous.

My Legs

Hell yea i got gorgeous legs! lol well when people started commenting on them i becme uber happy. I love showing off my legs, especailly while wearing tights/pantyhose or stockings.

Long & Seductive Baby ;)

My Hands & Finger Nails

Apparently my hands are very feminine? Well they are pretty slim, maybe a lil dainty? xD
I'm going by what I've been told & comments in the past.

My nails are extremely strong & rarely break, even when uber long =P
There's no real secret to it i guess, i never bit my nails so maybe there's a reason?

My Eyelashes

Numerous times in the past I've been told i have gorgeous long lashes.
Personally I'm not a big fan of falsie extensions, they can seem a bit too fancy or make you look like you're wearing a lash visor they're sooo long =P

My Figure

Many girls have told me they are envious of my figure, slim with long legs etc
But being quite difficult for me to put on weight they envy that too lol

Well there you have it.
Why I was born to Crossdress x

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