Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hiya guys & gals, and guygals =P
So i just wanted to put up a lil post saying whats going on and things to expect from the blog.
There are some new big advice posts in the making such as:
How To Deal With Guilt/Shame & Purging
The Ultimate Crossdressing Guide
A new video game section will be added, i'm sure regulars at my blog have seen a few post whereI've mentioned games.
I know posts are not as often as they used to be but i'm trying to take the time to put up quality over quantity
If you have any ideas or anything you'd like me to cover then please feel free to email me at
Please please DON'T message at the @cutey account
It's not a great service and i much prefer to use yahoo
Any ideas or things you want me to cover i will give you credit on the post unless you would rather stay anonymous.
I know it dosn't sound like much but as i said quality over quantity x
Andria x


  1. I stumbled upon your blog not to long after my bf finally told me about his dressing up. I searched around for anything that could help me come to terms with this, your earlier blogs helped. It's a shame that you stopped posting on here.

    1. i'm glad i was able to help and i hope both you and your BF are very happy =) x